Wednesday, February 20, 2008

the sadly neglected blog that no one reads

I'm a hopeless blogger. I just can't seem to do it consistently. I read blogs from other people that post every single day. Not every other day, but every day, sometimes multiple times a day. And the thing is, these people seem to ALWAYS have interesting things to say, interesting films they've seen, interesting music they've heard, etc.

Is my life just unexciting or am I just unmotivated? Good question, but one I'll leave for now.

I think if I were writing a book I'd be more intentional about writing. I loves books. Books last. They endures for centuries, even millennium if they are kept in a good condition. I can touch a book, smell it. Heck, I can even lick it. I can spill coffee on it, get chocolate on it, underline a passage that really thrills me, or even drop it in the bathtub accidentally (that is, if I read in the bathtub. I don't read in the bath since I always shower. Its kind of messy to read in the shower).
Blogs on the other hand just seem so temporal and ephemeral. They are on my screen for a few minutes, then they're gone. Then I click through again later in the day and they are still there! And the next day they're still there. They are just waiting for me to put them on my screen. But I can't buy into the idea that someone will want to or even be able to read my blog thoughts 50 years from now. Will my kids ever see any of the blogs I've had? Will any of the entries be read in the future?

This blog that I've begun here is my third one. I started with something called Diaryland (which I thought for the longest time was actually DAIRY-land). Its still there as of right now; I just checked. You can find it here. Then I had a Xanga site (jamie's xanga). Actually as I was writing this I started thinking about those two blogs and wondering how long they'll actually exist in that weird place called cyberspace. So just in case the internet explodes tomorrow, I went them onto my hard drive. Of course, my hard drive might explode tomorrow. And the world might explode tomorrow too. But I digress...

Okay, since I'm talking about blogs, what blogs do I read? Here are some that I look at almost everyday:

Friends/ acquaintances:

Lost - the world's best TV show ever, period, end of discussion!! And this is THE BEST blog about Lost. I know because I've read a whole lot of them! Don't argue with me!!

Random blogs

And here are my 2 latest blog finds: (this is a couple that lives in China; I taught in China for 3 years)

So get out there and read some blogs while you still can!! The internet might explode tomorrow!

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