Monday, October 24, 2011

the end of the world

I had this conversation about the end of the world yesterday with Adelle my five year old:

Adelle: How is the world going to end?
Me: Its going to explode or something like that.  Basically its going to stop working.  But Jesus will make it all new again. And it will last forever and no one will ever die again.
Adelle:  But what if somebody swords you in the throat?  Would that kill you?
Me: I never thought of that.

Notes: She didn't know how to say 'stab you in the throat with a sword', so she coined the phrase 'sword you in the throat.'  Honest to goodness.  That is what she said.  I can't make up stuff this funny.  I love my kids!!

Friday, October 14, 2011

2 new blogs

My friend Ryan put some ideas in my head about blogging.  So I started 2 new ones:
the deserts that our lives have become
Tasty Poblanos

I have several reasons for these new blogs:
To get things out of my head
To give myself a consistent creative outlet
To become a better write by writing consistently
And honestly, I want to see if blogging can be profitable

The first blog has things I've written, books reviews, etc.  The second has movie reviews and things related to movies.  Please visit them, bookmark them, add them to your feed,  whatever. One thing I can't tell you is to click on the ads.  If you did that, I would make money.  Thanks!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Evie's fascinated with dinosaurs.  Here's a conversation we had when I was putting her to bed one night:

Evie: What happened to the dinosaurs?
Me: They all died.
Evie: Why?
Me: I don't know, they just died.
Evie: Where are they now?
Me: Well, their bones are buried in the ground.
Evie: How did they get there?
Me: They just got there.  You see, the dinosaurs all died and over time the dirt covered their bones.  So that's how they got in the ground.
Evie: But who put them there?
Me: No one put them there.  They're just there.
Evie: Did people put them there?
Me: No, no one put them there.
Evie: But how did they get in the ground?
Me: Good night Evie.