Tuesday, February 10, 2009

downloading and some kids

Buying music
I recently bought my first music online. That's not to say that this is my first music download; I'm an avid downloader and have been for years. It was however my first paid download. So you could infer that for years I have borrowed a lot of free music from friends on the web. Oh, and my purchase was Two Tongues, which I blogged about last time.

Blast from the past
My childhood next-door neighbor, who I hadn't heard from or thought of in at least 15 years (but probably longer than that) found me on facebook. Then he posted this photo and I'm in it. I find it really hard for me to believe that I was the kid in this photo. I also have a hard time believing that I am 34 years old, a good 25 years older than I was in this photo. Dang! 25 years is a long time!!


patrick said...

which one are you?

jamie said...

first row, second from the left