Friday, May 1, 2009

the truth about swine flu

This is from the L.A. Times via Neatorama (make sure you read the last bit in bold):
"...scientists studying the virus are coming to the consensus that this hybrid strain of influenza -- at least in its current form -- isn't shaping up to be as fatal as the strains that caused some previous pandemics....In fact, the current outbreak of the H1N1 virus, which emerged in San Diego and southern Mexico late last month, may not even do as much damage as the run-of-the-mill flu outbreaks that occur each winter without much fanfare...[During] a typical flu season in the U.S., between 5% and 20% of the population becomes ill and 36,000 people die -- a mortality rate of between 0.24% and 0.96%."

So its bad enough to be all over the news, but won't even be as bad as the regular flu.  Hmm, sounds suspiciously like other disease scares from the past decade.  Remember SARS?  In 2002/ 2003 SARS was all over the news.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO) the total number of deaths WORLDWIDE was 774.

And then whatever happened to the bird flu?  Again according to the WHO the number of people who died from it between January 2004 and April 2007 is a whopping 257 WORLDWIDE.

Summary: the Swine Flu ain't all its being hyped up to be.  Its just one more thing to be scared of and one more thing to make people watch the news and read newspapers.  My advice about swine flu comes from Public Enemy - Don't Believe the Hype!!

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