Sunday, June 14, 2009

funny things Adelle has said recently

Adelle is way too funny. She always says the funniest things and keeps Jo and I very entertained. Here are a couple of unintentionally funny things she's said recently.

Adelle: Daddy, can you jungle?
Me: What?!
Adelle: Can you jungle - throw balls up in the air and catch them?
Me: Oh, you mean juggle.
Adelle: Yes. Can you?

(when Honza's dog Shtutzy got tired of playing and went to lay on the porch)
Adelle: Where's Shtutzy going?
Me: She's going to lay on the porch. She gets tired because she's an old lady.
Adelle: Well, I'm a new lady.
Me: Actually we would say, 'young lady', not new lady.
Adelle: Oh.

She truly cracks me up!

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