Friday, March 5, 2010

Life lessons I've learned from Lost

Lost is currently in its 6th and last last season. I will be beyond sad when it is done. It is my favorite show of all time. There are few TV shows that havecaused me to think so much and made me anticipate the next episode as Lost has. As I look back on these past few years of Lost watching, I've realized I've learned a lot. So here are some lessons I've gleaned from Lost.


From the example of Jin and Sun, don't ever under any circumstance let your partner out of your sight. Bad things happen when they're not together.

If you're anyone else in the world, don't get involved with people like either Jack or Kate. Some people will always hurt you regardless, because that's the way they are.

Life and Death
No one can escape death forever. Even major characters are not exempt (Charlie). If you're not a major character, its just a matter of counting the minutes until death.

Mystery & Ambiguity
A little mystery and ambiguity makes life interesting. A lot of mystery makes life terrifying. An island of mysteries might be kind of cool if there were just a few, but having like 700 mysteries gets tiring.

You cannot under any circumstances escape from your fate. No matter how hard you try. Case in point, The Island - no matter how hard you try to leave, if you're meant to be there, you're going to either end up back there, even if you leave, or die trying not to end up back there.

Lost has taught me so much about life. When it is finally done, I don't know where I will go for life lessons. I guess I'll have to start watching Scrubs again.

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