Tuesday, August 16, 2011

funny things Evie has said

Evie is 3 which means she says some hysterical stuff.  Here's a sampling of things she's said recently:

the weather
Evie (looking out the window one morning): Daddy its soggy outside.
Me: 'Soggy'?  Oh I think you mean 'foggy'.
Evie, Yeah, foggy

Evie: Daddy, plants really love oil.
Me: Oil?  What?
Evie: Yeah, they love oil.
Me: Do you mean 'soil', like dirt?
Evie: Yeah soil.

the BK drive thru (as we moved away from the place where you order and drove up to pay)
Evie: Daddy, why was that computer talking?
Me: What? 
Evie: The computer was talking.
Me: Oh sweetie that wasn't a computer, it was a person talking to us.  We told him what we wanted and he talked to us. 
(she honestly though I was talking to a computer.  Shows how infrequently we go to the drive thru).

My life would be much less fun without my children

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