Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saves the Day (am I old?)

Jo and I went to see one of my favorite bands, Saves the Day, last night.  They played right her in Chapel Hill (Carrboro actually, but the Cat's Cradle is just barely in Carrboro).  Throughout the evening, I had several thoughts that make be realize that I must be getting older:

Its too late - Its Friday night, I just worked all week.  Its already dark outside and its cold.  I would love to fall asleep here on the floor.  If it wasn't one my favorite bands and if the show was more than just a few minutes away, I might stay home.
Its too loud - Wow, it's loud.  Is it just me, or is it loud?  I think it would sound better if it weren't so stinking loud.  I mean, the vocals would be much better if it weren't so loud.  Who's running sound here?  Is it loud?
Its too crazy - I hope the mosh pit stays where it is.  I don't want to get kicked in the head.  I'm not 18 anymore.  18 year olds think its cool to get kicked in the head at a show, because they can brag to their buddies.  If I get kicked in the head, I might have to go the ER.

The show was killer.  And it was good to get out and see some live music, something I don't do nearly as much as I want to.  I don't really think I'm old, but I'm definitely not young as I used to be, and never will be.  Before I know it I'll be hitting to the 4:30 Shoney's buffet and going to bed after Jeopardy.

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