Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Breaking Bad is finished, and what a great finish it was.  I can't help but wondering what might happen to the characters now that the show is done...
  • Skyler - Skylar is irreparably damaged from the past few years with Walt.  She begins a string of tumultuous relationships with abusive men and is a less than stellar parent.  Her life spirals into a dark abyss of cigarettes, alcohol, and bad relationships.  She lives out a long depressed life doing very little of anything. 
  • Walter Jr/ Flynn - He realizes what his father did and gives most of the money to charity.  He then turns very dark, plays Grand Theft Auto 21 hours a day, starts a collection of automatic weapons, and becomes the next poster child for gun control. 
  • Holly - Her life is wrecked before it has really begun. As she gets older, she looks for significance in the wrong kinds of men.  She becomes an exotic dancer in her late teens.  Later in life she is a homeless prostitute meth head living on the streets of Albuquerque.  Ironically she dies of malnutrition stemming from her chronic meth habit. 
  • Jesse - Not knowing where else to turn, he goes to Marie's house.  They end up crying in each other's arms, finding mutual solace in each other's pain.  Jesse spends the night and just never leaves.  Eventually he converts the garage into a wood shop, takes up woodworking as a profession, and becomes well known as a master craftsman of fine wooden boxes which he sells on Etsy and Ebay.
  • Marie- (see Jesse above) - Marie gets a fat widow's pension from the DEA and is set for life.  She finds love with Jesse.  They both cry a lot, get married, and have four kids named Hank Jr, Jesse Jr, Flynn Jr, and Jesse Marie.
  • Saul - Starts a new life in some small Midwestern as a used car salesman by the name of Paul Goodman whose slogan is 'Better Call Paul.'
  • Badger and Skinny Pete - After using up the money Walt gave them for a two month drug fueled party, they end up broke.  Then, it's back to normal for these two.
  • Huell - No one ever comes to get him so he starves to death in the hotel room.
  • Hank and Gomez - After months being buried in the ground, they rise from the dead and hail the beginning of the zombie apocalypse.  Cue The Walking Dead prequel.

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