Wednesday, November 18, 2009

if this show was crack, I'd be a crackhead

Stargate Universe
I came across Stargate Universe this past weekend on Hulu when I was looking for something to watch. And so far I'm hooked. I watched the first 4 episodes on Sunday. Then I watched 2 more last night. It reminds me of Lost, mainly because it is really good and I can't wait to watch the next episode. Also, not since Lost first came on has there been a show that have been hooked on. I was hooked on Heroes for the first 2 seasons or so, but then it started sucking, but oh well.

SG-U (as its abbreviated) is a SyFy original series based on the Stargate franchise. So far I'm not having any problems following it even though I've never watch any of the other Stargate shows before. There are only a couple of actors that I know on the show (Lou Diamond Phillips and Robert Carlyle), which makes it more enjoyable to watch since I'm not always imagining actors in their former roles. ABC's new show "V" has Elizabeth Mitchell, who plays Juliet on Lost, as one of the stars. I'm always thinking of her as Juliet. And I keep expecting Sawyer to show up. Whatever...

Visit the official site or watch it on Hulu!

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