Thursday, October 9, 2008

a few movies I've seen recently

Vertigo, Rope, and Rear Window
All of these are Alfred Hitchcock films and all of them star Jimmy Stewart. Until I saw these, the only Jimmy Stewart film I remember seeing was Its a Wonderful Life. But he is/was a diverse actor with a lot of talent. I'd also not seen a Hitchcock film before, not that I remember, so I thought I would go to one of masters to see how a film should be done.

All three Hitchcock films are great. Vertigo is one of the all time classics films and Rear Window is great too, but Rope was my favorite of these three. It is great because of the technique Hitchcock used to shoot it. He shot the entire film in one apartment set. And instead of doing lots of cuts and edits, he filmed it in 10 - 15 segments. So there are only 4 - 5 edits in the entire film. Which means the actors would act for 10 - 15 minutes straight rather than having lots of small cuts. I can only imagine how many takes it took them to get through each segment.

Iron Man

Compared to other comic book to film adaptation disasters that I've seen (like Daredevil and Ghost Rider), its purely amazing. In general, its one of the better comic book films made, not as good as Blade or Constantine, but definitely as good as the first two X-Men. This is a great movie even without knowing anything about the comic. Robert Downey Jr is so awesome in this film. And I love Terrance Howard who plays James Rhodes (you can also see him in Hustle & Flow, Crash, two of my favorite films). It took me a while to recognize Jeff Bridges. See it!

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