Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I forgot my pants

No this is not about a dream I had the other night where I forgot my pants (although I do have those from time to time). This has to do with reality. I am writing from Moody Bible Insitute in Chicago where I am representing my missions agency at Moody's yearly missions conference. And I forgot my pants.

When I was packing yesterday morning to come here, I packed everything else I needed: nice shirts, my nice shoes, toothbrush, soap, underwear, socks, some books, a fleece jacket in case it gets a little chilly here, and even dental floss. But somehow I forgot to pack any pants. I realized it a couple of hours after I got here. I wore a pair of jeans to travel out here, but I have presentations to give and Moody requires that we not wear jeans.

I had a seminar to give at 11:30 this morning so I decided to go buy some pants at the nearest Salvation Army. As I was just about to leave campus to go get some pants, I bumped in to a student that I met here 2 years ago. We chatted briefly then I said, "I'm going to ask you something weird. What size pants do you wear?" He isn't my exact size, but it was worth a shot. He said "yeah sure, come to my room" so I went and tried them on and they fit well enough. A little snug in the waist, but long enough and they looked nice enough to stand in front of people and talk.

When I went to do my seminar, I introduced myself like this: "Hi, my name is Jamie. And these are not my pants." My seminar went well by the way.


Megan Schell said...

Dang! Where's that wife when you need her? JK Jo! Of course if Moody would just loosen up and enter the freakin' 21st century...Helloooo!

Glad you found some pants. Did you get any new recruits? Do they wanna join this handsome family in our secret location? ("Secret" meaning unknown to us, yet to be determined. "Yet to be determined" meaning the city we will serve in long-term. We know the country silly!) I'm probably the only one laughing at myself right now but that's the great thing about blogging. It's all one-sided so I can sit here and be entertained by you and by my own self and now I'm done.

Yay pants!

jamie said...

yeah Megan you're funny. i'm not 100% sure what you're talking about, but you're funny just the same.

pat said...

THESE ARE NOT MY PANTS!! Jamie, you are my hero!! Amazing...

also, i know exactly where you are. last october, in my week-long visit to chicago, we walked right by Moody on our trek to Old Town and the Second City. i love that town. you know i'm moving there, right?

great story.