Wednesday, March 19, 2008

recommended reads

Here are 2 things I've read recently that I recommend, if you're into either sci fi or comics and have never read either one:

Watchmen by Alan Moore and illustrated by Dave Gibbons
Its the only graphic novel to appear on Time Magazine's 2005 list of "the 100 best English-language novels from 1923 to the present."

The Moon is a Harsh Mistress
by Robert Heinlein
Wikipedia's description: a 1966 science fiction novel by American writer Robert A. Heinlein, about a lunar colony's revolt against rule from Earth. The novel expresses and discusses libertarian ideals in a speculative context.

Quote from The Moon is a Harsh Mistress: "At one time kings were anointed by Deity, so the problem was to see to it that Deity chose the right candidate. In this age the myth is 'the will of the people' ... but the problem changes only superficially." — Professor Bernardo de la Paz on the subject of choosing leaders.

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