Tuesday, March 11, 2008

some funny things

Funny Thing #1:
The other day Jo and Adelle and I went to the mall to get pictures made. That's not the funny thing. We had them done in the morning but I had to go back that afternoon to get them. As I was pulling out of my parking space this guy drives buy and honks his horn at me. He got my attention and I thought he might need help or directions. When I rolled down my window, he asked me if I wanted to buy "__". I thought at first that he said 'Weed', but he actually said "Wii", as in the Nintendo Wii game system. I said no thanks, I don't want one, rolled down my window and drove away.

That the first time I'm come across a rolling video game system merchant. Now, I don't want to just assume that he was trying to sell a stolen Wii, but that was one of the first things that went through my mind. Why else would he be trolling the mall parking lot looking for people to sell it to. Why not use Craigslist or even put an ad in the paper? Oh well, it was funny.

Funny Thing #2:
The UK magazine Radio Times compiled a list of the best TV put-downs. It covers the last 40 years from British and American TV. The BBC posted the list here:

Funny Thing #3:
A blog entry from a guy who tells about the first 14 birthday cakes of his life. Entitled "My Life in Frosting", this is a classic. There are pictures of all the cakes. His mom is a creative lady!

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