Monday, March 24, 2008

What Christians and white people like - 2 funny lists

I came across this blog which led me to another blog which led me to a 3rd blog. The first one has a list called "stuff christians like..." Its based a on list that another guy posted called "stuff white people like". He posted the list, but the 3rd site has the full descriptions of the things white people like. This is funny (at least to me anyways).

They are funny, funnier that the TV put-downs I listed a few posts ago. Here are the blogs:
See the original list with all the descriptions here:

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Dave Carrol said...

hey man... I'm Big Ear Creations guy... thanks for the link... that was funny.

After that, Matthew Paul Turner and I kept going... here was my latest... it's a fun game actually...

bless ya man