Monday, May 5, 2008

an intense week

This past week was quite intense. Actually, the past 10 days have been intense. Last Sunday, I had to coordinate a large event at BRV (our church). Thankfully, all went well, but I'd never done something like that before and was hoping things would go as planned. Then my wife woke me up at 1am Tuesday morning telling me her water broke. And 10 hours later, our 2nd little girl was born. Since then we've been joyfully deprived of sleep and life has changed lots (for the better!). And then on Friday morning I got a call from my mom at 7am, which let me know something bed was up since she never call that early. She let me know my grandmother (my dad's mom) had suffered a massive heart attack at 4am that morning. Then my grandmother passed away about at about noon on Friday. So I had to make the decision to go to the funeral in Georgia or not (it was today and I didn't go). Now pile work pressure on top of that. To be more specific the pressure of one particular person at work who has been really stressing me out. And then blend that all that together and you have one of the more intense 10 days of my life.

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