Saturday, May 24, 2008


I saw this a couple of weeks ago and told Jo about it and we decided it must be a joke. But then I saw something yesterday about this and am still trying to figure out of this is for real or just some kind of a joke. Meatwater is billed as a "High Efficiency Survival Beverage" and is basically meat flavored waters. The web site lists flavors such as Beef Stroganoff, Fish'n'Chips, Tandoori Chicken, Dirty Hot Dog, and many others. See the web site: Meatwater.

If its a spoof on flavored waters, its the best one ever. And if its for real, its one of the weirdest products ever. Don't get me wrong though, I would try Meatwater in a heartbeat, just like I tried Jelly Belly's Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, designed after the fictional product in the Harry Potter series.

Anyways, I've read lots of web sites talking about Meatwater. About half say its a real product, but not available in the US. The other half are saying that its some kind of parody or art project. The names a guy from Brooklyn designer/photographer Till Krautkramer as the brain behind the product.

So is this real or a parody/ hoax? Its your call!

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Megan Schell said...

Jamie, LOVING the book A Year of Living Biblically! Thanks for the rec.

Also, we decided it's okay to miss SYTYCD at the beginning since it's all tryouts. If there are any highlights that need to be shared you should blog about it:).

See you soon.