Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Lost, so you think you can dance

Is it just me or is Lost the best thing that has ever been on TV (with the exception of the A-Team of course)? This season has been phenomenal and I've been blown away by so many episodes. Anyways, the most awesome show has some cool new little toys. They're in no way shape or from as cool as the McFarlane line, but they're cool in a Lost meets Legos kind of way. Although to me, Kate (#3 on the top line) looks a little too much like Sayid (#1 on bottom). I found this on

Also, So You Think You Can Dance starts again this Thursday at 8 pm on Fox. Watch it!


Megan Schell said...

Do you have any way to record it?!? (SYTYCD) I have this dumb thing called SIIP I have to be at and will miss it! It's the best competition on TV. Justin and I watched all last summer and were totally blown away by the talent. Maybe it will be online? See you soon!

jamie said...

I'm not sure if they'll have full episodes online or not. we'll be taping it tomorrow and the next week as well. we have a bible study at our house on Thursdays, so we'll always have to tape it. We can pass the tapes on to you guys if you like and if you still have a VCR.