Tuesday, August 12, 2008

my favorite hospital show and a great song

In general I hate hospital shows. I hate Grey's Anatomy. I hate House. I really hate ER. I hate hospital shows almost as much as I hate cop dramas (ex: Law & Order: Infinity). But I love Scrubs. I mean seriously dude, I love Scrubs almost as much as any TV comedy ever. And in general I hate sitcoms. I don't watch sitcoms because they usually don't make me laugh. But Scrubs is one of those magical sitcoms that is ACTUALLY FUNNY!

Why am I talking about Scrubs? Well I was listening to some songs from the 1990s yesterday and Poison by Bell Biv Devoe came on. I know, its a cheesy R&B song from the 90s, but its one of my favorite songs. So I searched for the video on YouTube. I found the original early 1990's video made by BBD, and its way too funny, mainly because of the clothes. But I also came across this video of Turk (played by the super hysterical Donald Faison) doing this dance/ lip sync to the song. So that's why I started off with the whole hospital show theme. Anyways, here's the clip from the best hospital show ever, Scrubs. Enjoy!


Megan Schell said...

Awesome. So awesome. Thank you for sharing. I now have another tv show I need to get into.

pat said...

and plus, that's one of the funniest episodes ever. scrubs is dang awesome. if you guys want to watch all the seasons, i'll let you borrow them. i've got the first six seasons.