Monday, June 2, 2008

Ewan McGregor is awesome, Lost

I recently saw one of Ewan McGregor's earliest bits of acting, a Danny Boyle film called Shallow Grave. He is one of my favorite actors. He’s extremely versatile and plays a wide variety of characters. Here is a list of the movies I’ve seen him in that I love:

  • Trainspotting (another Danny Boyle film; one of the best things ever put on celluloid)
  • Moulin Rouge (the way the songs were placed in the film and intertwined still amazes me)
  • Black Hawk Down (also starring Orlando Bloom who was kind of a nobody until Lord of the Rings)
  • Down With Love (which I thought I’d hate but ended up loving)
  • Big Fish (an amazing Tim Burton film)
  • The Island (not my favorite movie; I thought it borrowed heavily from Logan’s Run, but it was still good)

And lest I forgot, he played Obi Wan Kenobi in a little series called Star Wars. Can he get any more awesome?

The Lost finale this past Thursday was awesome, I mean awesome in a true makes-you-want-to-throw-rocks-at-your-mama kind of way. Lost is the best. Its way better than Alias ever was. It makes most TV shows look like 3rd grade elementary school plays. Every other TV show should go cry in the corner because they're all so inferior to Lost. It even makes most feature films look like elementary school plays. The only thing I don't like about Lost is that I have to wait all summer to see the new episodes. Lost fans, check out this guy's blog:

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