Tuesday, June 10, 2008

pain all around me

Painful things that are happening around me to people I know. A few days ago, a guy I know lost his next to the youngest child (4 years old) when the child drowned in their backyard pool. The mom was there and turned around for a minute to take care of another child. Another friend's dad just found out he has Parkinson's disease. People in our families are ill, not just sick, but ill with serious illnesses. Someone we know has a mystery illness which has been misdiagnosed for 2 or 3 years now, and the doctors still aren't sure what's wrong with her. 2 college friends lost their dads in the past couple of months. Illness, loss, and pain.

Life is painful for everybody; no one is exempt from suffering, pain, and loss. I know that these things were never meant to exist, and that is a comfort to me. And yes, I think of the comfort that will come in the future, when all heaven breaks loose. But even more powerful and comforting is that fact that the Kingdom comes now. And it comes tomorrow. And then one day it will come in its fullness and all the enemies of mankind will lose their power forever. Let it come - today, tomorrow, and for ever.

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