Monday, June 30, 2008

The Italian

First of all, this is a movie review, not a description of a hoagie. The Italian is not a gangster movie. It has very little to do with Italy or Italians. Its a Russian film. I like foreign films. I'm not so crazy about them as some people so please don't think I'm pretentious by saying, "I saw this Russian film..." I like good stories and this one looked like a really good story. By the way, has a funny post about white people, film festivals and film in general.

Focusing on life in a Russian orphanage, The Italian centers around one young boy named Vanya who's being processed for adoption by an Italian couple. Vanya begins to wonder about his real parents and longs to find them.

This film is comic and tragic, dramatic and lighthearted. It shows the rugged life and tight comradery of orphans - how they function as a (dysfunctional) family. This might be a good for anyone whose thought about adopting from overseas. If this sounds like an interesting movie, check out the trailer. By the way, I loved this movie.

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